Get Miche to Europe for his scheduled October tour (don’t make him swim) &
Record and promote a new CD with Miche’s Forward Trio and his band, Faixa!

Goal $10,000

Miche has an extensive body of work, representing his entire journey through the years of his life, devoting his days to creating music and sharing it with the world.

Rather than promise you something that is to come as a reward in the future after this campaign is concluded, we are offering you the rewards NOW of owning any or all of these works of value that Miché has given his time to creating for you over these many years of loving labor.

Even if you think you have everything he’s ever done – trust me, you don’t. And for that ONE person who does, Wendy Fambro has published a collection of never-before-read essays about Miché: “View from the Edge.

“NAME YOUR PRICE (pay what you wish)”
for every single thing your heart desires.

We hope you will support Miché’s continuing mission to create music and to share it with the world.

Visit: http://michefambro.bandcamp.com to make purchases supporting the Campaign and/or click the button below to make a simple “I Believe in You” donation :




One Note Samba
























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